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TEEP Training

For details of the training models currently available please visit the SSAT webpage.
Level Target Group Personal CPD focus Summary
1 Classroom teachers Further developing personal understanding of teaching and learning A five day training course (3+2 days) that “models the model” The training is experiential, challenging and fun.
2 ASTs, Heads of department, Teaching and learning co-ordinators, coaches and mentors Developing the skills required when consulting, collaborating and coaching A three day course giving participants a deeper understanding of the TEEP model, and strategies to work with colleagues to support their practice. A portfolio is required.
3 By invitation, for potential TEEP trainers Developing the skills required to ‘plan and present’ quality TEEP CPD Participants “intern” with an experienced trainer and attend a three day training event on the skills of a TEEP trainer.
ITT Student teachers A focus on identifying the skills needed to practically and successfully begin a career in teaching
A two day course introducing the TEEP model
NQT Teachers in their first year of teaching How to turn the theory into practice within the classroom. An introduction to the TEEP framework for effective teaching and learning
14- 19 Teachers of vocational subjects in schools and FE Exploring the differences needed to teach older students A 5 day course (3+2) on TEEP in the vocational context
Whole School
Whole staff of an individual school Acknowledging different teaching styles while developing consistent messages in a strategic and coherent approach across the school 3 days training for all staff including SMT (2 days on consecutive PD days and 1 day approx 6 weeks later)and a further 2 days training for a group of staff who will take TEEP forward in the school.