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About the TEEP programme

In 2010 as of 1 September the SSAT became the custodians of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP). TEEP was developed in 2002 by the Gatsby Foundation as an action research programme to support teachers to improve their classroom practice. Since its inception the programme has grown steadily in terms of the numbers of staff trained and the variety of training models offered.
TEEP has been instrumental in supporting individual teachers, trainee teachers, departments, whole schools and local authorities to improve classroom practice. It is a proven, well regarded and successful model which focuses on effective learner and teacher behaviours.
Independent evaluations have been carried out by Warwick University, York University and London Institute, highlighting the merits of the programme. All three reports conclude that the training positively transformed the way teachers behaved in the classroom. They describe increased engagement of pupils in their learning, improved behaviour in lessons, increase in active learning by pupils, increase in higher level thinking and improved attainment amongst their findings.

TEEP training will be part of the lead practitioner (LP) network offer. This is based on a model of practice being led by existing classroom practitioners through peer learning which upholds the ‘by schools for schools’ ethos of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust SSAT (The Schools Network). Lead practitioners have a clear objective to develop practice, stimulate professional dialogue and reflection and encourage other practitioners on their learning journey.

The model was developed originally for training of STEM subjects but has proved successful for teachers of every curriculum subject and all sectors of education.

For more information about the TEEP programme now please visit the main SSAT website.

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